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TEX Magnetic Applicator with Disposable Covers

Meet TEX, the new disposable magnetic brush. Designed and patented by JR Davis, retired from the Houston Police Department, these new brushes can be used at hazardous crime scenes and then the outside cover discarded. A new cover is put on and you can continue working. This will help prevent contamination from surface to surface, from your brush to your kit and from your brush to your jar of powder. When dusting at a scene containing biohazards or other contaminants, you should pour out a small portion of magnetic powder into another container for use at this crime scene only so your full jar of powder is not contaminated.

TEX works just like a regular magnetic brush, but the outside cover can be discarded and a new cover put on. By using the TEX disposable magnetic brush, you do not need to discard your regular magnetic brush after using it at a scene containing biohazards or hazardous chemicals, such as may be found at scenes of homicides or other violent crimes and at clandestine laboratories.

JR Davis says, "The soft plastic tip combined with a powerful magnet, and lighter construction, allow this brush to 'float' over surfaces on a cushion of powder. This means minimal touching of the tip to the surface, which lessens the distortion of the latent. Just a light grip of the handle holds the magnet engaged during use, allowing any positioning - even upside down. The shape of the tip gives a perfect globe of powder each time. Because TEX is so user friendly, everyone can increase proficiency. Even a person with no prior experience will realize success."

Each TEX disposable magnetic brush comes with four additional replacement covers, so it is like having five clean, new brushes to work with. Additional replacement covers are available in packs of ten covers.

If you cannot figure out why the name of this new magnetic brush is TEX, it does not come from JR being a Texan. It comes from the shape of the magnetic brush when held upside do
wn. It looks like a tall, skinny person wearing a cowboy hat.

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