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Verbal Judo

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Verbal Judo Associates
Dr. George Thompson

Who's Who

Dr. George Thompson

W. Lee Fjelstad
Vice President
Web Site
A Verbal Judo site
for business and corporations
Mike Manley
National Director
Web Site
Steve Wopershall
West Coast Division
Senior Associate Instructor
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Gregory A. Walker
(Tactical Operations & Communications) 
Web Site
Will King
Australasian Associate
Web Site
Doug Haig
Doug Haig
Midwest National Associate
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Steve Piper
UK Associate

John R. McPhail RN PhD
Registered Nurse
Clinical Forensic Specialist

 Web Site 

Darcy Pennock
Canada (Alberta)

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Click for a larger Mark Warren
Mark Warren
Web Site
Larry H. Smith
Law Enforcement
Training Specialist

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Jim Manley
Web Site

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