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Verbal Judo

Verbal Judo for the Hospitality and Service Industry

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The Face at the front desk is your Business!!

Verbal abuse in the Hospitality Industry is on the rise and the need for staff training has never been greater. Hospitality and event staff are often confronted with difficult or aggressive people in the workplace. With respect to guest, Verbal Judo saves time because it prevents escalation of conflict, disagreement, etc. It saves stress, by keeping things in control. Everybody wins. Guest feel they are being treated well, and come back. (Guest loyalty is maintained.)

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Verbal Judo for Hospitality and Service Industury


Verbal Judo is the principle of Judo itself: using the energy of others to master situations. It contains a set of communication principles and tactics that enable the user to generate co-operation and gain voluntary compliance in others under stressful conditions, and how to use appropriate Presence and Words as options in any action which places the staff and public at odds with each other.


Verbal Judo teaches a philosophy of how to look creatively at conflict, offering specific, powerful, and useable strategies to resolve tense situations. The presentation is geared primarily, but not exclusively, to service employees in situations with guest and customers. They learn to respond to situations, rather than react to personal feelings, understanding how to deal with difficult people using conflict management tactics to defuse confrontational encounters. The course has precisely defined training goals that address concerns of importance, both to the organization and to the individual manager / supervisor and employee:


CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: Employees and Managers  learn to use words to prevent confrontations from becoming volatile situations, and can thereby save themselves from unnecessary conflict, tension, and abuse, and above all enhance their personal safety.

ENHANCED PROFESSIONALISM: Service employees recognize the impact their words and body language have on the guest/customers, and use language appropriate to each encounter. They perform well before audiences they encounter, thus creating a positive business attitude.

REDUCED VICARIOUS LIABILITY: Professional service providers that serve  guest/customers that handle encounters skillfully and professionally are less likely to generate complaints. Those trained in Verbal Judo will be able to describe their reasoning and explain their actions according to professional principles. This program is designed for people whose position requires them to deal with employees, and the public, and provides efficient, effective, and proven methods of dealing with difficult people under pressure and at the same time reducing tension, stress and conflict.




Verbal Judo is the Gentle Art of Persuasion that redirects others behavior with words and generates voluntary compliance. It is a philosophy that will show you how to be better prepared in every verbal encounter, to listen and speak more effectively, to engage others through empathy and to avoid the most common conversational disasters. As mentioned, what differentiates Verbal Judo from other courses on communication, is that it offers solutions that work when people are under pressure. It provides techniques that have been tested on the street by law enforcement officers, whose very lives have depended upon their effectiveness.



Organizations can expect that once their Managers and front desk employees are trained in Verbal Judo, they will know the following:


The Goal of Professional Discourse: To generate compliance using one or more available force options. How to use Words to achieve professional purposes and how to resist using language to express personal feelings. How to control themselves inside so they can exert control on the outside. How to employ empathy and the art of Representation to become Contact Professionals, maintaining self-control and staying in contact with the needs of the organization and their audience, the public. How to effectively deliver words that are on target by first understanding the receivers point of view. This includes a distinct tactical approach for dealing with difficult people: the five step hard style. The arts of Translation, to ensure that what we say is actually what we intend, and Mediation, delivering words in the form of a personal appeal, to achieve voluntary compliance from people who are under temporary emotional influences, ranging from anxiety, despair and frustration, to fear, anger and prejudice.


How to read others and diagnose a verbal encounter.

How to use the four appeals of persuasion, and principles of disinterest.

The five conditions where words demonstratively fail and staff must move beyond words to appropriate action.





Verbal Judo courses are conducted at your training site for your staff and managers. We tailor each course to the needs of the client and create a program that is specific to those needs.

Our instructors bring to the classroom an exciting, entertaining and powerfully informative Verbal Judo presentation. Students will leave the class with new motivation and a collection of skills that can be put into use immediately.

There is no limit on the number of students that may attend the class. Our professional fee is billed on a per day basis. You may also consider opening the training to others as a cost sharing option.

Call the Verbal Judo Associates 877-428-7492

We will be happy to assist you in your training event and answer any questions you may have



Verbal Judo Clients


American Association of Travel Executives

Carnival Cruise Lines

D.F.W. Airport Parking Services, TX

Delta Air Lines

Denver International Airport

Frontier Airlines

Holiday Inn Pyramid & Crowne Plaza Hotels, NM

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dearborn, MI

Mohonk Mountain House Hotel, NY

Players' Island Casino, MO

Quantas Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Station Casino, MO

United Airlines

US Airways

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Dr. George J. Thompson, President and Founder

Participant Comments:
Most USABLE training I have had in  12 years of Hospitality service!
Mike R. Denver, Co
Front Desk staff still buzzing about the seminar.  See you in 6 months for the refresher!!
David Sails, Sante Fe
Great trainer, Great program.  Every County Clerk needs this training!.
Barabara   El Paso, County