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Why On Site Training


If you have a group of employees to train, On-Site training could be the most cost-effective and convenient training solution for your facility.

After discussing your facilitys needs and determining the best training option, all you need to do is pick a date thats convenient for you. Well handle the rest. Simply stated, you can rely on our experience, knowledge and dedication to provide what could very well be the most important training program your staff has ever participated in.

High-impact, fast pced, tailored training 
The  proven behavior management strategies will be customized specifically for your organization. Whether you choose a one-day seminar, two-day workshop, or five-day Instructor Certification Program, customized training will be of greater value to your staff because it will address the unique challenges of your work setting.

Significant cost savings
On-Site training is the most cost-effective way to train a group of employees. You can save more than 35% by eliminating the costs associated with sending employees to open enrollment training programs held off-site. Plus, if staff complete  the Verbal Judo On-Site Instructor Certification Program, your organization puts into place resources for ongoing future training.

Greater flexibility and convenience
You choose the time and place for training that works best for your organization and staff. This helps to minimize disruption of your work day and maximize the efficiency of staff training.

Verbal Judo Associates does the work for you
VJ Training Specialists develop a program that best suits your needs and take care of all the details to ensure your program's success.

Take advantage of expert analysis, problem-solving and planning 
our  On-Site training staff have helped hundreds of organizations around the world develop comprehensive violence prevention and intervention training plans to help maintain safe and respectful environments.

Call toll-free 877-428-7492


  • Discuss your organization's training needs
  • Customize your training plan and strategies
  • Determine the most cost-effective methods to train staff
  • Set up On-Site Instructor Certification Training
  • Set up ongoing On-Site Refresher Training

 Use Verbal Judo's  On-Site Needs Assessment Tool to:

  • Receive a FREE On-Site Information Kit
  • Receive a FREE written training recommendation and cost estimate
  • Request a call back from our On-Site Training Support Specialist

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