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State, County, and City Budget Cuts Place Employees at Risk!

Property Tax Increases!    Staffing / Budget Cuts!   Long  Lines! 

 Utility Cost Increases!  Water Restrictions!


Government Services Employees are at Risk for Verbal and Physical Abuse!


 Verbal Judo Provides: 1. Increased Personal Safety 2.  Enhanced Professionalism 3.  Decreased Complaints 4. Lessened Vicarious Liability and 5. Reduced Personal Stress.

Employees are safer when they use their words to achieve a professional purpose rather than express their personal feelings. The most dangerous weapon an employee carries is the "Cocked Tongue." He must use words as tools not weapons. Mind and mouth disharmony causes violence. Everything we teach in Verbal Judo can markedly enhance an employees ability to look good and sound good, as well as be good. The way we do what we do is often the difference between success and failure. This "Art of Delivery" results in employees generating fewer complaints and hence generating fewer lawsuits from their actions. Organizations trained in Verbal Judo have seen reductions of up to 80% in complaints and an untold amount of dollars saved in lawsuits. All of this results in less stress for the employee and the organization.

Verbal Judo, or Tactical Communication, enables employees to focus on the behavior of others while maintaining their own and other's safety and then use Appropriate Presence and Words to achieve a professional purpose.

Verbal Judo, like Judo itself, uses the energy of others to master situations. It contains a set of communication principles and tactics that enable the user to generate cooperation and gain voluntary compliance from others under stressful conditions. These tactics are especially useful when dealing with hostile, angry, upset, frustrated or disgruntled people.

Verbal Judo teaches a philosophy of how to look creatively at conflict, offering specific, powerful, and usable strategies to resolve tense situations. Employees will learn to respond to situations rather than react to personal feelings. Additionally employees will come to understand how to deal with difficult people and how to use conflict management tactics to diffuse confrontational encounters.


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