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John R. McPhail
Bite Marks
Child Abuse
Blunt Trauma
Patterned Injuries
Domestic Violence
Workplace Violence
Sharp Trauma
John R. McPhail
The Body as a Crime Scene
Forensics More than Death Investigation
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What Is Forensic Nursing
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Living Forensics


Founding member of International Association of Forensic Nurses, IAFN. An internationally known forensic instructor having presented forensic nursing conferences and seminars in Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, California, Kansas, Georgia, and Kentucky as well as Great Britain, Singapore, Durbin South Africa, Canada and Mexico.

John, a registered nurse, retired from Forensic Division, Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo, former police investigator, Certified Medical Death Investigator and Necrosearch International member. He has served two terms as President of the Southern Colorado Law Enforcement Association and is a member of Necosearch International. An Adjunct instructor, at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and the University of Southern Colorado, he teaches the recognition of blunt and sharp trauma, gunshot wounds, crime scene investigation and photographic documentation of injury at the Bachelor and Masters level. An Instructor of Sudden Custody Death Syndrome, Verbal Judo Train the Trainer, John has presented programs and key noted to Attorneys, Law Enforcement, Military Police, EMTs, Forensic Nurses and trauma care Physicians.

John is an active advocate for the growth of an the alliance of health care providers, Nurses, EMTs and Trauma Physicians, teaches an eight hour class of forensic techniques to teach a multi-disciplinary approach that benefits the victims of crime.