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Bite Marks
Child Abuse
Blunt Trauma
Patterned Injuries
Domestic Violence
Workplace Violence
Sharp Trauma
John R. McPhail
The Body as a Crime Scene
Forensics More than Death Investigation
Questions about Certification
What Is Forensic Nursing
Forensic Textbooks and Educational Material
Living Forensics

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Forensic Nursing Workshop                            1993                                        8 Hours

Denver, Colorado


Charting for the Jury                                       1993                                        8  Hours

Denver, Colorado


Second Annual Scientific Assembly (IAFN)   1994                                        40 Hours

Tysons Corners, Virginia


Gun Shot and Stab Wounds                              1994                                        8 Hours

Denver, Colorado


Medical Legal Death Investigation                    1994                                        40 Hours

St. Louis, Missouri


Forensic Internship Program                             1994                                        90 Hours            

Reno, Nevada


International Forensic Imaging                           1995                                       40 Hours

Dade County, Florida


3rd Annual Scientific Assembly (IAFN)           1995                                        40 Hours

Louisville, Kentucky


Advanced Forensic Imaging                              1995                                        20 Hours

Dade County Medical Examiners Office

Miami, Florida


Gun Shot and Stab Wounds                              1995                                        8 Hours

Denver, Colorado


Victims Advocacy Assistance Program                (A.C.O.V.A.)          1995                         60 Hours

Pueblo, Colorado


Masters 6th  Advanced Death Investigators Conference       1995                        40 Hours

St. Louis, Missouri


Eighth Annual Death Investigators Conference                1995                                        24 Hours

Jefferson Parish Coroners Office

New Orleans,  Louisiana


Violence In the Work Place                                            1995                                        8  Hours

Pueblo, Colorado


Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Training  (SANE)    1996                                        40 Hours

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Forensic Sculpturing                                              1996                                        8 Hours

Denver, Colorado


4th Annual Scientific Assembly (I.A.F.N.)                1996                                        40 Hours

Kansas City, Missouri




American Academy of Forensic Science,                                1996                                                                                        32 Hours

Scientific Assembly

Nashville, Tennessee


Child Abuse Investigation                                           1996                                        8 Hours

Pueblo, Colorado


Colorado Organization for                                      1996                                        32 Hours

Victims Assistance (C.O.V.A.)

Pueblo, Colorado


Verbal Judo Instructor Class                                      1997                                        40 Hours

Salt Lake City, Utah


American Academy of Forensic Science,                1997                                        40  Hours

Scientific Assembly 

New York City, New York


Multidisciplinary Approach to                               1997                                        24 Hours  

Locating Clandestine Graves

and Evidence          

NecroSearch International

Douglas County, Colorado


Gun Powder Residue/ Shoe &                      1997                                        8 Hours

Tire Casting

Brush, Colorado


Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)   1997                                        32 Hours


Pueblo, Colorado


Homicide Investigation                                           1997                                        8 Hours

Englewood, Colorado


Critical Incident Negotiations                                            1997                                        24 Hours

Holyoke, Colorado


International Wound Ballistics Association                1997                                        16 Hours

2nd Annual Conference

Los Angeles, California


Rape and Sexual Assault Investigation                           1997                                        8 Hours  

Pueblo, Colorado


Crime Scene Analysis                                  1997                                        40 Hours

Pueblo, Colorado


Report Writing                                                        1997                                        8 Hours

Canyon City, Colorado


Sudden Custody Death Syndrome (Instructor)     1997                                                8 Hours

Craig, Colorado


Managing Terrorist Incidents                                 1997                                        24 Hours

Pueblo, Colorado




American Academy of Forensic Science              1998                                                                                        40 Hours

Scientific Assembly

Sacramento, CA


Interview and Interrogation                                           1998                                        8 Hours

Golden, Colorado


Blood Stain Pattern Analysis                                  1998                                        40 Hours

Corning, New York


Crime Scene Reconstruction                                        1998                                        24 Hours

Lincoln, Nebraska


International Association of                                         1998                                        32 Hours

Forensic Nursing

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Verbal Judo Advance & Train the Trainer             1998                                         40 Hours

Jacksonville, Florida


American Association of Law                                 1999                                          32 Hours

Enforcement Trainers

Albuquerque, New Mexico



Child Interview and  Perpetrator                               1999                                          16  Hours

Colorado Law Enforcement Association

Sterling, Colorado


Sex Offender Assessment and                       1999                                         11 Hours

Preparation of Evaluation

Pueblo, Colorado


Dialectic Behavior Therapy                                  1999                                           80 Hours

Pueblo, Colorado

Advanced Forensic Photography                           1999                                        40 Hours                                

Miami ,  Florida


Child Interview and  Perpetrator           1999          16  Hours

Colorado Law Enforcement Association

Sterling, Colorado


Sex Offender Assessment and          1999          11 Hours

Preparation of Evaluation

Pueblo, Colorado


Dialectic Behavior Therapy          1999          31 Hours

Pueblo, Colorado























Activities and Organization


Professional Organizations


  International Association of Forensic Nurses

  Colorado Law Enforcement  Officers Association

  American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers

  NecroSearch International

  Diplomat American College of Forensic Examiners

  International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts

  International Association of Wound Ballistics Association

  Southeastern Colorado Law Enforcement Association

  American Academy of Forensic Sciences

  International Police Association

  National Sheriffs Association

  Diplomat Medicolegal Death Investigator


Professional Activities and Awards


  President Southeastern Colorado Law Enforcement Officers  Association

  Victims Advocate ACOVA

  Forensic Consultant  Pueblo County Sexual Assault Program

  Nominee Nightingale Award 1996 & 1997

  International Association of Forensic Nurses Outstanding Achievement Award


Seminars and Conferences

  Development and Instructing

  Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse                                          

  Clinical Field Forensics (for law enforcement)                                        

  Clinical Forensics

  Clinical Forensic for Physicians and Nurses

  Forensic Photography

  Bloodstain Patterns

  Forensics an Overview

  Understanding Forensics

  Rural Forensic Nursing

  Verbal Judo

  Blunt and  Sharp Trauma

  Gun  Shot  Wounds

  The Sexual Predator

  Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Trainer



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