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Certificates and Certification   

Forensic Nurse Certification


Dear Dr. McPhail:  I want to become a Certified Forensic Nurse, many courses are offered on-line which one do you recommend?  Carol R.N.

Carol:  There is currently no board certification for Forensic Nurses.   Some training are being presented as certification.  Many of these classes actually offer a good learning experiences but provide no more than a certificate. 





Certification Credential
Currently the FNCB offers the SANE-A credential, a professional certification for sexual assault nurse examiners-adult/adolescent. SANE-A is the earned credential which recognizes that the highest standards of forensic nursing for sexual assault nurse examiners have been achieved. You can become certified by successfully completing the SANE-A examination. Re-certification is available by examination on continuing education.

Nurses with SANE-A after their name are Board-Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners-Adult/Adolescent. Earning certification demonstrates professional commitment, a key capacity of leadership. Nurses who take the extra step to become certified in their specialty document their commitment to quality care. Specialty certification is increasingly becoming an essential nursing credential.

Becoming Board-Certified is a statement that the nurse has accepted the challenge of preparing for and passing a rigorous examination demonstrating refined knowledge and critical thinking skills. Recertification ensures that the SANE-A's body of knowledge continues to be on the leading edge of the specialty practice

Forensic Nursing Certificate Programs



Certificates from online courses, continuing education course offer information but do not provide Board-Certification. Beware of programs that promise preparation for positions in medical examiners' offices, law enforcement agencies, social service agencies and specialized hospital units.
Specialized law enforcment classes are available in every state and often prove more cost effective. Check law enforcement publication and online offerings. 
National Board-Certification is not yet available!
Medicolegal Certification