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We provide a course designed for officers assigned to the education arena. Students are presented with the techniques of Verbal Judo and how School Resource Officers can employ those techniques when dealing with school administrators, teachers, parents, students, criminals and the community.

Attendees are taught how to defuse confrontations by responding to situations rather than reacting to personal feelings. The course provides very specific strategies and tactics which will allow the School Resource Officer to be flexible and professional while generating peaceful resolutions. The course emphasizes increasing personal safety and enhancing professionalism while decreasing stress and citizen complaints.

Upon successful completion of this course, School Resource Officers will have a ready response and action plan for encounters. Lectures will be accompanied by video examples and "hands-on" practical exercises.

Topics include:

  • Using words to achieve professional purposes
  • Resisting the use of language to express personal feelings
  • Reading others and diagnosing a verbal encounter
  • Delivering words that are on target by understanding the receiver's point of view
  • Ensuring that what is said is interpreted correctly
  • Employing tactical empathy to stay in contact with the needs of the school and the students
  • Generating voluntary compliance from those who are under temporary emotional influences such as despair, fear, anger or prejudice



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