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Dr. George Thompson
Founder Verbal Judo

In 1981 Dr. George Thompson began breaking ground in the world of police work where officers must generate voluntary compliance from citizens under the most difficult of conditions. "Tactical Communication" was developed by teaching officers how to consistently avoid force whenever possible and use their presence and words as persuasive tools. This "tactical" edge gave officers a tool that saves lives, lawsuits, and complaints in this country every day.

Since that time George Thompson and I have brought a message to audiences all over North America, Australia, and parts of England and Europe including Finland. The very same tools that save lives in police work can save the respect of our friends, spouses, and children, preserve out integrity with the public, assist us in court testimony, and make our lives demonstrably better.

Although the vast majority of people handle poor behavior on the part of others well every day under normal circumstances, there has never been specific training in dealing with difficult or aggressive people under stressful conditions--until now.

I believe that by participating in a Verbal Judo course you can dramatically increase an awareness of how others think and act under stress and "read" situations for what they truly are--opportunities to advance individual credibility by controlling what we say and do for the good of everyone involved. Our actions then positively represent the organizations we work for and the people we come into contact with in our professional lives. We benefit by the knowledge that we need no longer avoid conflict to maintain peace of mind. In the enforcement of the law, this is a critical skill.

Over 600,000 people have attended training in Verbal Judo to date and our popularity continues to grow each day. 

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