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McPhail Certified to Train Hospitality Managers and Staff

Denver, CO---Verbal Judo Institute.  John R. McPhail, Verbal Judo Senior Associate and Trainer has completed recertification  from The Verbal Judo Institute,  Yucca Valley, CA.


Dr. McPhail, a Verbal Judo trainer since 1997 began with presentations to law enforcement, teachers and government employees. Currently he presents on-site training for the Hospitality and Event industry in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom.  In November, he will be traveling to the United Kingdom to train hotel and restaurant staff.


Verbal Judo, initially designed as a Tactical Communication de-escalation tool for law enforcement has been tailored to meet the needs of hospitality and event staff at all levels.  Verbal abuse in the Hospitality Industry is on the rise and the need for staff training has never been greater. Hospitality and event staff are often confronted with difficult or aggressive people in the workplace. With respect to guest, Verbal Judo saves time preventing escalation of conflict, disagreement, etc. It saves stress, by keeping  in control. Everybody wins. Guest feel they are being treated well, and come back. (Guest loyalty is maintained.)


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