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A proactive approach allows an organization the opportunity to prescribe the most effective and least costly solution. Once a violent incident has occurred, significant resources must be expended to deal with the situation (financial, emotional, legal, and medical). One estimate is that a single work related fear and violence incident results in about $250,000 in direct organizational costs. This does not include indirect costs such as lower morale, degraded mission effectiveness, personnel impact, etc. 

Includes all type of perpetrators such as:

Outsiders: Someone who has no legitimate relationship with the victim or workplace and usually enter the workplace to commit a robbery or other criminal act.

Customer: Someone who is a recipient of a service provided by the affected workplace or victim.

Employee: Someone who has an employment-related relationship with the workplace victim. You may have current or former employees in this situation.

Employee-related outsider: Someone who is possibly a current or former spouse/lover, a relative, acquaintance or some other person who has a dispute involving an employee of the workplace.



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