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Verbal Judo

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Verbal Judo for Parents
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Successful Communication with Your Children.


Verbal Judo is tactical communications and the art of persuasion that enables the user to generate co-operation and gain voluntary compliance in others under stressful conditions. The seminar will provide priceless information on how to better negotiate rules, chores and living situations between parents and children. EVERY PARENT NEEDS THIS!

  • Trouble dealing with your children, other family members, or work associates?
  • Do you get stuck on what to say, soak up abuse, or react from habit and emotion?
  • Are you not sure how to motivate, praise, or discipline your children?

If you want to have more confidence, increased self esteem, and know exactly what to say when you encounter resistance under any circumstance and above all else have something that has been tried, tested, and WORKS!!! 'Verbal Judo' is for you! If you are a parent, considering becoming a parent, or want to improve your relationships with people, this training will provide you with specific techniques and answers that are normally either glossed over or not addressed.

Verbal Judo is an invaluable life skill, and the principles and techniques when practised not only enhance, but can save your relationships with the most important people in your world.

Come along youre in for a great day.

Course Outline

  • How good are you? Lets find out
  • The 2 types of language
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • What's your goal when under pressure?
  • What words work and what words DO NOT work, and why
  • Dealing with difference - How to read people
  • Verbal Abuse - How professionals handle it
  • The true art of professional representation
  • Control your biases and become a 'Contact Professional'
  • Words and Meanings - a reality check
  • Roles - Identies within us
  • Your delivery style = success or failure
  • Demonstration - technique vs force
  • The five steps to overcome verbal resistance
  • How to Praise, Punish, Motivate and Reassure
  • Moving beyond Words

Taught to law enforcement, education and medical professionals, corporate and public sector staff, this world class training, up to now has only been available to organisations and business. This unique training is now available for you whether you are a parent or just wish to dramatically improve your life skills in dealing with people.


Click here if you are interested in a class at your church or school.